Sunday, 13 November 2011

GoPro HD Hero Test on a SUP

A couple of months ago I bought a GoPro.  This GoPro I bought was the HD Hero model. Well its been sitting on my desk with many my many ideas to use it with but never actually do anything about.  I decided to put the surf mount on my friends 12' Starboard Big Easy.  My friend took his stand up paddle board out in .5-1ft small surf at Birubi which is in Anna Bay, NSW.  The next day I put the footage together and made a video and put it on youtube.  I have to warn you the soundtrack was not my choice, it was my friends request.  I bet he couldn't do this on a Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.
 As you can see, some water was on the lens a few times. I've read rainx does the trick. Any recommendations? The next day my friend went for a surf without the Gopro on his board and the surf mount with 3M tape came off. I thought 3M was the stickiest?

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